Mája Salon and Spa is a family owned business that provides a space where you can become  the best version of yourself.


  Behind the brand you will meet our head stylists, Marlene and Christian Gonzalez. Both add up 30 years of experience in the Beauty Industry. They both share a design background that gives them an edge and a holistic aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else. 


  Marlene has an Interior Design background and Christian has an Environmental and Graphic Design background. Both are very passionate individuals with a strong aesthetic, many of our clients have benefited from these qualities. When both stylists see a client for the first time, they soon enough can visualize how the client’s image can be improved.


For our Spa section, you will find the most amazing and

cutting edge treatments for the improvement of skin and hair. 

Mája Salon and Spa also offers an innovative therapy called Biodecoding of Emotions, coupled by Biomagnetism and Bioenergy. Liz Gonzalez, our therapist has 10 years of experience and is a promoter of Self Discovery. She can provide the extra support you were looking for in order achieve your personal goals thru body and mind. She is an IT and Networks administrator that changed from troubleshooting computers and networks to troubleshooting more sophisticated and superior systems, the human body and mind. 


We hope to meet you soon!



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